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Chartered March 11, 1929
Celebrating Over 85 Years of Continuous Service
P.O. Box 13  -  Alexandria, Louisiana 71309  -   318.442.8781


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Membership Information & Application Form


Thank you for your interest in the Alexandria Lions Club.  Membership is by invitation of an Alexandria Lions Club member.  If you know one, contact him or her and ask to attend a meeting. 


The links below are to two different files, both of which are the Application for Membership form.  One file is an MS Word document, and the other is an Adobe PDF document. You may select either one, and print it out if you wish to fill it in by hand.  If you wish to fill in most of the form on a computer, and then print it, use the PDF format. Be sure to read the HELPFUL TIPS section below about using PDF files. If you do not have either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, you may click here Get Adobe Reader  to download the free Adobe Reader program.

    1) You can save the file that is the empty form to your computer.  You CANNOT enter information and then save the completed form to your computer - you will lose all the information you typed in if you are using the Reader program.  (If you are using the full Adobe Acrobat program, you can save the form with information.)
    2) If you wish to install a newer version of Adobe Reader, you MUST uninstall the older version, or it is highly likely the newly installed version will not work properly.

You may access the Adobe PDF form while on-line, enter the information and then print, or you may wish to save the file that is the empty form to your computer, and then complete the form.  Steps for accessing the form on-line or downloading the form will vary depending on your browser.  Usually, left-mouse-button clicking on the link will open the form, or offer a selection box of whether to open or save the form.  Usually right-mouse-button clicking on the link will provide a selection list that you can select something to the effect of either "Save link as" or "Save target as".

When you use the PDF file, your mouse pointer will look like a small "hand" until you move over a field where you can enter information by typing it in.  Type in the information, and use the space bar to move within a field.  Use the Tab key to move from field to field.

Microsoft Word document


Adobe PDF document

If you have questions, or have a problem with one of these files, please use the CONTACT OUR CLUB link to send your request or information concerning the problem to the Alexandria Lions Club.  Someone should contact you within one or two days, if not sooner.

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